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For the Sake of Your Loved Ones: Plan Ahead
​Planning beforehand makes sense for 3 reasons:

• It relieves the emotional burden on your family.
• It guarantees that your wishes are honored.
• It relieves the financial burden on the survivors.

Relieve the Emotional Burden on Your Family

When you make informed and thoughtful decisions in advance, you free your family from the responsibility of making them during a very emotional time. This allows them to concentrate on supporting each other, rather than being asked to make major decisions. 

Guarantee Your Wishes are Honored

Families are often unsure what their loved one would have wanted them to do. Spoken wishes may not be remembered or honored. By documenting your preferences beforehand, you eliminate the burden of doubt. And, you can change your plan at any time, if you wish. It’s your life, you decide.

Relieve the Financial Burden on Your Family

When someone dies, it’s easy to make emotional spending decisions that can lead to an unnecessary financial burden for your family. When you plan beforehand, the decisions are already made, and if you choose a pre-paid plan, you’re in charge of your funeral costs.

Funeral Services

A Pre- Planned Funeral Consultation With Us Involves:

•Selecting the type of Funeral
•Planning the visitation 
•Determining the flower arrangement 
•Organizing obituaries and memorial photos
•Naming the people to be contacted in the event of your death
•Selecting caskets or urns
•Determining costs and payment
•Compiling documents and formalities, including the settlement of your estate
•Other individual wishes and needs

Pre- Planned Funerals Can Be Financed Through:

•Existing insurance
•Payment plan
•Pre-need insurance